Kory McDow

My name is Kory McDow.

I like to write.
I write about sports.
I write about fam­ily.
I write about ran­dom things.

I also design and develop web­sites
and blog about roman­tic stuff.

This is my place on the inter­nets to share stuff about var­i­ous top­ics. In an effort to find the one thing I enjoy the most, I found that I can’t limit myself to just one. Heck, I can’t even decide on a job title. You could call me a writer, a designer, a devel­oper, a teacher, an accoun­tant, an idea maven, a con­nec­tor, a gen­er­al­ist, or any num­ber of other titles. They would all fit.

Instead, I ask that you call me Kory, an all-around help­ful guy.

So what can I help you with today? Let me know.