My Thoughts On The 2012 NBA Finals

by Kory McDow

So I’m going to get a lit­tle some­thing off my chest and then move on.

Right now

1. The Heat won the Championship and JeBron Lames is the best player in NBA right now.


2. JeBron Lames is not the great­est player ever. Yes, he is one of the greats right now, but you CANNOT con­sider him THE Greatest when the other guys in the con­ver­sa­tion (Russell, Magic, MJ, Kareem, Wilt, Bird, and Kobe) have won 11, 5, 6, 6, 2, 3, and 5, respectively.

Yes, there are greats who have not won a cham­pi­onship and win­ning a cham­pi­onship doesn’t make you great (Sam Jones — 10 and Robert Horry — 7 come to mind), but once you’re in the ranks among the greats, you have to pay your dues.

JeBron, before you can be con­sid­ered THE Greatest, win another cham­pi­onship young buck. (For those of you cry­ing foul, I look at what he has done, not what you expect him to do. Championships don’t win themselves.)

The 2–3-2 Format

3. The 2–3-2 for­mat in the NBA Finals should be elim­i­nated and here’s why… (HOME = team with home court advan­tage (OKC) & AWAY = team w/o (HEAT))

3a. Consistency

If it’s good enough for the rest of the play­offs, why change it for the Finals? I get that travel expenses are reduced dur­ing the con­fer­ence finals because west teams are play­ing west teams (ignor­ing a Memphis vs. LA Lakers/clippers matchup), but you’re the big bad NBA and the expenses are neg­li­gi­ble con­sid­er­ing the rev­enue generated.

3b. Pivot Games

The most impor­tant games in any series are 1, 3, 5, and 7. With the 2–2-1–1 for­mat, HOME gets home games in 1, 5, and 7. With the 2–3-2 for­mat, HOME only gets games 1 and 7.

3c. Momentum

One of the main argu­ments for keep­ing the 2–3-2 for­mat is that you should take care of busi­ness at home. Even if you do that (at least through the first five games), AWAY will have just won 3 straight games. Yes, you’re headed back to HOME’s arena for 2 games, but talk about momen­tum. In a series as impor­tant as the NBA Finals, even a small shift in momen­tum can make a big difference.

Refs? What refs?

4. The refs were HORRIBLE in this series. Before you cry foul, I am admit­ting that the Heat were the bet­ter team. OKC didn’t have a match for JeBron, the Heat’s abil­ity to get into the paint, and the hus­tle game (Bosh/Battier/Chalmers made sev­eral hus­tle plays each game). But there were games where JeBron was allowed to bull­doze into play­ers and get a block­ing foul called in his favor.

Additionally, There were no-calls where it was bla­tantly obvi­ous the call was missed (hello Game 2). And with both teams dri­ving hard to the bas­ket, there was a big dis­crep­ancy in the num­ber of free throws attempted. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

M Go Blue!

5. Congrats to Juwan Howard for win­ning his first cham­pi­onship. He’s a stand-up guy and I’m proud he rep­re­sented the Maize and Blue #MGoBlue

Ahh, I feel bet­ter. Don’t you?