Saturday Zoo

by Kory McDow

I’m not a fan of com­mer­cials. Actually, that’s not true. I’m not a fan of bad com­mer­cials. I love good ones. So much so that my wife and I are at a con­stant debate whether or not to turn the vol­ume off or not dur­ing the commercials.

We usu­ally turn off the vol­ume because more often than not, com­mer­cials just aren’t very good. I’ve got­ten pretty good at deci­pher­ing between the good ones and the bad ones within the first 2 sec­onds of a com­mer­cial. I don’t know what it is about them that tips me off, but you can find me yelling at my wife ask­ing my wife politely to turn the vol­ume back on so I can enjoy the cre­ativ­ity and/or the humor.

The com­mer­cial below was one of those com­mer­cials. Not to set it up too much, just know that I can see myself doing some­thing along these lines. Our poor daughter.