Well That Didn’t Work

by Kory McDow

Chalk this pass week­end up to another les­son learned. It’s a les­son deeply rooted in the time­less tra­di­tion of “What the hell was I think­ing?” It’s a les­son I am so thank­ful to have been exposed to again:

Be Yourself

Here’s the back­drop. I had a client that required an emer­gency project for which I was rec­om­mended by some­one I regard highly. The project was well within my skills and abil­i­ties. I had enough time to do the project right. I was within their bud­get. Everything was a go and we were fir­ing on all cylin­ders. Here was my chance to do a good GREAT job and I was about to knock it out of the park. With that, I set about doing the work.

Swing and a Miss

Midway through the project, I was told that their orig­i­nal designer was now avail­able and would take over the project. What I had cre­ated would not be used at all. Well drats.

Looking back on the sit­u­a­tion, I can’t blame them at all. Looking back at what they ended up going with, I couldn’t help buy notice one thing: that’s my style. What they ended up going with is prob­a­bly what I would have cre­ated had I not tried too hard to be some­thing other than myself with my style. It’s prob­a­bly the very same rea­son they decided to go with me in the first place.


So in try­ing to impress and do some­thing out of my nor­mal style, I failed mis­er­ably. Serves me right. Next time, I’ll just be myself and do what I know to do. Obviously, it’s good enough to be hired in the first place.

Lesson re-learned.